All children attending Daubeney Academy are required to wear school uniform and we ask for parents’ support in ensuring that the uniform is worn smartly and with pride. All clothing should be clearly marked with the owner’s name, using nametapes or indelible pens.

The Governing body has ruled that for health and safety reasons jewellery is not allowed except small, plain studs for those children with pierced ears – only one in each ear. No other type of body piercing jewellery is allowed – i.e. nose studs etc. Watches may be worn but should be named.

School Uniform

  • Daubeney blazer
  • Daubeney jumper (optional)
  • Plain white shirt/blouse only
  • School tie
  • Black tailored trousers and/or skirt (girls)
  • All black shoes or trainers (no other colours allowed)
  • Grey/black/white socks
  • Sensible coat

Sports Uniform List

  • Daubeney Polo Shirt
  • Daubeney shorts
  • Daubeney Fleece (for cold weather)
  • Trainers
  • Daubeney Socks
  • Football Boots (football/rugby/hockey/cross country)
  • Shin pads (essential)
  • Gum Shield (essential)
  • Towel (during cross country season)

If, for religious reasons, your uniform needs to be adapted in any way please put your request in writing to the Headteacher.

Daubeney’s School Uniform and Sports Uniform is available from Sportsform, 1 Fenlake Road Industrial Estate, Fenlake Rd (off London Road) Bedford MK42 0HB. Tel: 01234 210005.

Daubeney Academy School Uniform

Daubeney Academy Sports Uniform

Daubeney Academy Sports Uniform