Remote Learning

Daubeney Remote Learning

We have created the Remote Learning Platform (see the link below) to support your child’s education during this time of partial school closure. The Remote Learning Platform has all the work your child will need to complete for this half term. Your child’s subject teacher, in all subjects, will host a Virtual Session during the first lesson of the week based on your child’s timetable. These sessions will be hosted via GoogleMeet and the invites to attend will be sent to your child’s school email account. This session will set the expectations for the week and direct all students on how to access the work and submit the work once it is completed.

Daubeney Remote Learning Platform

We have created step by step videos to support all of our community to access the resources we have set up to support Remote Learning. These can be found below:

If you have any questions on how to use the Remote Learning Platform please email the school on