Keep in touch

Keep in touch

1st October 2019

Dear parents/carers,

As a school we appreciate the importance of communication with us. If you have any concerns or questions you would like to discuss with the school then please contact in the following order:

  • First instance – Contact Form Tutor…
  • Second Instance – Contact Key Stage Leader…

If the key stage Leader feels it is appropriate, they will escalate the matter to a member of the Senior Leader Team. To email the school, you just need to write your child’s form tutor’s initial and surname followed by the Daubeney Academy email suffix:

If you need to escalate the matter further, you can then contact the relevant key stage leader. The key stage leader will escalate any issues to the Senior Leader Team if they feel it is appropriate.

7TCR Mrs Cliff-Reid tcliff-reid
 7KM Mrs May kmay
7FK Mrs Khan fkhan


8MA Mrs Adamska madamska
8AR Miss Rimmer arimmer
8KA Ms Aubrey kaubrey
8MP Mr Pugh mpugh


9LT Mr Thorogood lthorogood
9JB Miss Bateman jbateman
9SM Miss Moubarak smoubarak
9WS Mrs Steele wsteele


10EF Mr Flaherty eflaherty
10TM Mr Morris tmorris


11BP Miss Payne bpayne
11LR Mrs Russo lrusso


Other key staff that you may wish to contact directly are:

Key Stage 3 Lead (Years 7,8,9)          Miss Williamson         

Kay Stage 4 Lead (Years 10,11)         Miss Harris                   




Yours Sincerely

Mr M Lee, Head of School