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Curriculum - Distinctly Daubeney

Curriculum Statement 2019 – 2020


Daubeney Academy believe that all children, irrespective of their starting point, are entitled to a broad and balanced curriculum. We offer a rich curriculum to develop the learner’s knowledge and skills in a variety of different subjects. Our curriculum enables students to fulfil their potential, opening up pathways into Key Stage 5 and future career/life aspirations.

Our Key Stage 4 curriculum is run over Years 10 and 11 and enables the staff to prepare the students for the further depth of knowledge and skills required for Key Stage 4. We have a curriculum that allows students to complete the English Baccalaureate; a GCSE grade 5 or above in English, Mathematics, two Sciences, Humanities (History or Geography) and a Modern Foreign Language. The flexibility of our curriculum allows all students the ability to match their needs by offering other subjects at GCSE in Creative and Vocational areas.

British Values/SMSC Curriculum

As part of the students Personal Development the Academy delivers a tailored curriculum which develops the students understand of British Values and Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural Education.  

Religious Education

As part of the commitment to spiritual, moral, social and cultural development (SMSC), students study religious education and personal, social, health and citizenship (PSHCE). In Year 7 and 8 this is delivered within lessons and identified as ‘citizenship’ and taught by form tutors who have a strong pastoral relationship with the students. In Year 9,10,11 students study GCSE Philosophy & Ethics or Citizenship. Throughout the academy life students have a wide exposure to SMSC opportunities.


As a Challenger Trust academy the ethos of learning beyond the classroom is key. The academy offers students a wide variety of opportunities to learn beyond the classroom in areas such as recreation sports, competitive sports, drama productions, Eco Club and Life Skills.

Key Stage 3 (Years 7 and 8)

At Key Stage 3 we provide a curriculum designed not only to develop students’ knowledge and skills in a range of subjects, but also to enable them to develop the skills required to become independent learners throughout the rest of their time in school and beyond. Students will study a broad and balanced curriculum which is focused around the fundamentals of English, Mathematics, and Science. Students also study Modern Foreign Languages, Geography, History, Citizenship, RS, Computer Science, Physical Education and a range of disciplines in Performing Arts and Design and Technology.

All students at Key Stage 3 follow a two week timetable, comprising of 25 periods a week with 5 periods a day.


Subject Hours per fortnight
English 8
Mathematics 8
Science 6
Art 2
Computing 2
Drama 1
Music 2
Design Technology 1
Food 1
Geography 2
History 2
Modern Foreign Language 3
Citizenship 2
RS 2
Physical Education 4


Key Stage 4

Students, parents/carers are given clear information, advice and guidance when selecting Key Stage 4 courses. A curriculum event is run for all to attend in the autumn term of Year 9, where the curriculum rationale is shared, alongside the opportunity to meet and talk to subject specialists. Tutor time programmes support how to make decisions and what information to research relating to careers and employment.

The curriculum is divided into a core curriculum, guided option and open options. All students follow the core curriculum, make at least once choice in the guided option choice (more if they wish to do so) and three subjects from the wider options. If a student requires a very personalised learning pathway this is created with the support of the SENCo, and learning hub team.

 Key Stage 4 Curriculum

The Key Stage 4 curriculum is divided into three sections:

Core Curriculum consisting of 5 qualifications in 3 areas, which are compulsory. . A Guided Option choice that is set out by the government to ensure academic rigour and 3 Open Options that best suit the student.  

The Core Curriculum

Subject Hours per fortnight
English Language / English Literature 10
Mathematics 9
Combined Science / Triple Science 9
Physical Education 4

 Guided Option Choice

Subjects in this group are known as Ebacc subjects. These have been identified by the government as providing essential skills and knowledge for young people. Students are required to take at least one of these subjects. The curriculum has been designed to allow students to take more than one of these subjects if they wish.

Subject Hours per fortnight
French 4
Spanish 4
History 4
Geography 4

 Option Subjects

Students will choose three of the subjects below in addition to their guided option. The other option subjects could be another subject from the Guided Option Choice or from the following list.

Subject Hours per fortnight
Design Technology 4
Health and Social Care 4
Drama 4
Citizenship 4
RS 4
Music 4
Btec Sport 4






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Faculty Subjects Exam Board Exam Code Level QAN Code
English Language AQA   GCSE 601/4292/3
  Literature AQA   GCSE 601/4447/6
  Entry Level     Level 1 603/1332/4
Maths GCSE Edexcel   GCSE 601/4700/3
  Entry Level     Level 1 603/1330/4
Science Trilogy AQA   GCSE 601/8758/X
  Synergy AQA   GCSE 601/8760/8
  Entry Level     Level 1 601/7522/9
Humanities History AQA   GCSE 601/8217/9
  Geography AQA   GCSE 601/8410/3
  RS AQA   GCSE 601/8400/0
  Citizenship AQA   GCSE 601/8595/8
MFL Spanish AQA   GCSE 601/8160/6
  Arabic Edexcel   GCSE 603/1172/1
Sport GCSE PE OCR   GCSE 601/8442/5
  Btec Sport Edexcel   Level 1/2 600/4779/3
Performing Arts Drama OCR   GCSE 601/8975/7
  Music OCR   GCSE 601/8216/7
Design Technology Art & Design Edexcel   GCSE 601/8069/9