Daubeney Colours System Values & Attributes

Students at Daubeney Academy are able to log credits earned towards their Colours via Although both daily and monthly sessions take place in school that allow students to do this, both parents and students are encouraged to also track progress outside of normal school times.


Our Colours system is unique to Daubeney Academy and allows our students to demonstrate that they are developing their character as well as their academic abilities. During each year, our students are given even more opportunities to learn outside of the normal classroom environment and each activity is added to the drop-down list of activities that can currently be found on the website listed above.




Our Colours system links with our shared values of:

  • Respect
  • Responsibility
  • Learning
  • Confidence
  • Honesty




As well as working towards gaining excellent academic qualifications, Daubeney students are able to make themselves more employable to businesses and attractive to colleges by gaining the nationally renowned Challenger Diploma, which we offer as an integral part of our school life and our drive to produce effective contributors to society. Once students have earned 100 credits (20 against each of our shared values) they will have earned their House Colours and will be rewarded with a metal pin badge that can be worn on their school blazer. After all four badges have been earned, which may take a few years of effort towards developing their character against our shared values, students will also have earned their Challenger Diploma. In order, the Colours that students who are committed not only to developing an outstanding character but also to Daubeney Academy can gain are:

  • House Colours
  • Daubeney Colours
  • CMAT Colours
  • Challenger Diploma Colours

Our unique Colours system is the latest in a succession of exciting developments for Daubeney Academy as we move towards becoming an outstanding secondary school.

Definition of Values and Attributes

Each Colour is awarded when a student gains 5×20 credits for each value.

At Daubeney Academy, we consider academic achievement and character development to both be vital for young people to be a success in modern society. We believe that it is essential that we do everything we can to help develop the characters of our students, for the following reasons:

  • Character is fundamental: it is the basis for human and societal flourishing;
  • Character is largely caught through role-modelling and emotional contagion: school culture and ethos are therefore central;
  • Character should also be taught; direct teaching of character provides the rationale, language and tools to use in developing character elsewhere in and out of school;
  • Character is sought freely to pursue a better life
  • Character is educable: it is not fixed and the virtues can be developed. Its progress can be measured holistically, not only though self-reports but also more objective research methods;
  • Character depends on building Virtue Literacy;
  • Good character is the foundation for improved attainment, better behaviour and increased employability, but most importantly, flourishing societies;
  • Character should be developed in partnership with parents, employers and other community organisations;
  • Each child has a right to character education;
  • The development of character empowers students and is liberating

Colours Award Ceremony – June 2017