CMAT Admissions & Merger Consultation

Our mission is to create a family of outstanding schools where every young person has the opportunity to participate in engaging active learning experiences and achieve excellent education outcomes in an inclusive and high performing school system. We welcome the initiative taken by Bedford Borough Council to look at the age ranges of schools and the proposal set out below shows how we intend to implement this to make a real difference to the secondary education offer in Kempston.

From 1 November 2015, the Challenger Multi Academy Trust includes two academy schools within Bedford Borough:- Hastingsbury Business and Enterprise College, which has an age-range of 13 to 19 (Years 9 to 13), and Robert Bruce Middle School, which has an age-range of 9 to 13 (Years 5 to 8). Both serve the Kempston and Bedford areas. These two schools are Kempston Challenger Academies.

Our academies will be places of educational excellence.  We want to do what is best for all of our pupils, teachers, staff and parents.  Our aim is to see them achieve their full potential within a framework of challenge and support with strong governance and teaching excellence.

Our vision is to build a collaborative partnership of schools that will provide outstanding educational provision, both inside and outside the classroom, through challenge and the promotion of excellence.  We welcome pupils from all backgrounds and will work to provide them with a comprehensive range of learning opportunities that will be personalised and draw on the principles and practice of ‘Learning Outside the Classroom’ (LOtC) and models of Engaging Schools’.  Our key foci are on progress and partnership.  School improvement is also based on school-to-school support developed through a model of collaborative autonomy.

It is through clear leadership, service, creativity and high aspiration in our schools that we will inspire and embed core values in our pupils, staff and communities.

The proposal for change below will be a vital element in securing improvement and success for the young people in our care as we develop the Multi Academy Trust.

All schools within the Bedford Borough have been encouraged to review their age-range and consider moving from the current three-tier to a two-tier system, with one point of transfer at age 11. We have looked at this, as well as the particular circumstances for Hastingsbury and Robert Bruce.

Bedford Borough Council has issued a consultation on the age range change called School structural consultation. This can be seen on the Bedford Borough Council website

Please take the time to read our Consultation document and complete this questionnaire. Your feedback is important to us. Please email completed questionnaires to:;; hand in at the school offices at either Robert Bruce Middle School or Hastingsbury Business and Enterprise College or send by post to:

Stephen Chamberlain, Chief Executive Officer, Challenger Multi Academy Trust,  c/o Hastingsbury Business and Enterprise College, Hill Rise, Kempston, Bedford MK42 7EB

Or enter your feedback via the schools’ websites or

All responses must be received by noon on Friday 29th January 2016 please.

CMAT Proposal questionnaire Dec 2015

CMAT Consultation and Admissions Criteria 2017