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Committed to excellent standards of teaching in partnership with a variety of local and national organisations contributing towards system-wide improvement.

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Daubeney Acavemy

Values and Ethos

Nurturing First Class Futures

Daubeney Academy is committed to providing a First Class education for all our students.

C - CONSISTENCY embodies our drive to ensure our school is calm, purposeful and orderly at all times through the consistent implementation of instructional approaches to behaviour and robust routines.

L - LEARNING is facilitated by inspirational teaching that builds upon individual strengths and empowers students to achieve their potential.  Students are dedicated to improvement and progress in both their classwork and home learning.

A - AMBITIONS held by students are high and celebrated through our culture of reward. Wide-ranging opportunities encourage all to grow beyond the limits of their expectations.

S - STANDARDS of personal conduct, behaviour and manners are exceptional. Our students have excellent attendance as a result of our safe, friendly and nurturing learning environment that is built upon mutual respect for all.

S - SUCCESS for all our students, regardless of the starting points, is at the core of all we do. Academic and personal success are of equal importance and we strive to help our students become the best persons they can be.

First Class Behaviour:

Our behaviour curriculum models and reinforces the behaviour we expect from students in order to ensure that they are first class, every minute of every day, which means to:

  • Attend all lessons, on time
  • Arrive fully equipped
  • Wear full uniform, properly
  • Allow others to learn
  • Complete all tasks to a high standard
  • Conduct themselves safely 
  • Speak and act respectfully

The Behaviour Curriculum:

Our form time activities and assemblies focus on each aspect of the first class behaviour expectations. We believe that over-communicating the message is vital to help students turn these expectations into habits and will therefore regularly repeat these expectations.

Celebration and Rewards - Daubeney Academy First Class (DAFC):

Students who regularly demonstrate first class behaviour become part of the DAFC team and are celebrated in a number of ways including:

  • Positive praise from their class teacher each lesson
  • Positive praise from their tutor at the end of each day
  • Positive points logged on Sims
  • Positive praise in weekly assemblies
  • Entry into prize draw during weekly assemblies
  • Positive postcards home
  • Invitation to termly rewards trips