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Daubeney Acavemy


Summer Amendments to Uniform.

Whilst school uniform is in place all year round and our standards and expectations are in place, we recognise and understand that on some days, weeks or months in the year provide a much warmer climate. In these circumstances we will make amendments to school uniforms in the summer months to allow students to not have to wear a blazer during school time. However, this will always be communicated firstly with parents and then with students by senior members of staff. In most extreme cases where the weather proves to be really hot we may also make amendments for students to not have to wear a tie or come to school in a Daubeney PE kit during the school day to make sure our students are comfortable. 
The school will always provide the standards and expectations for our students on uniform and where we can we will allow for amendments to be made. This is  to ensure students are able to learn in a much more comfortable manner. Please support Daubeney in maintaining these standards and expectations throughout the year.

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