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Literacy - Year 5 Literacy lessons cover the third year of Key Stage 2. Pupils read and study a range of genre and develop their writing through modelled and purposeful tasks. They read to research information and to develop their own private reading.  Regular spelling and grammar practise ensures technical writing skills are improved and extended. Pupils are given opportunities for developing their speaking and listening skills through topical discussions and presentations.


Numeracy - In Year 5 pupils have followed a course based on the National Numeracy Framework, which builds on the work covered in Lower School.  This involves work on the number system, calculations, problem solving, handling data and measures, shape and space.  There is an emphasis on mental calculation.  Pupils are taught to discuss and develop a variety of calculation strategies and written methods.


Science – During years 5 and 6, pupils are taught to use practical scientific methods, processes and skills through the teaching of the programme of study content. In Year 5 the programme of study is divided into five units, which are “Properties of Materials”; ”Earth in Space” ;”Forces”;” Materials 2”(separating mixtures and changes);”Living Things and their Habitats” (reviewing Habitats and looking  at life cycles, including humans).

Computing – In Year 5 the curriculum focuses on the following key themes: Finding Things Out; focuses on our pupils understanding and using electronic information to handle data and undertake research.  Developing Ideas and Making Things Happen; enables our pupils to understand and use elements of control technology, sensing, modelling and simulations in their learning.  Exchange and Share Information; this theme is about our pupils being able to communicate effectively with others through the sharing of information and in the presentation of their ideas in electronic format.  All pupils review, modify and evaluate their work as it progresses.

Philosophy - The aim of Philosophy is to aid the development of pupils’ knowledge and understanding of attitudes, beliefs and practices of religions and demonstrate respect for the diversity of beliefs in society.  Pupils are encouraged to reflect on what they learn, and develop their own opinions.  Year 5 pupils study Inspirational People, Pilgrimage, and Life in a Hindu Home.


Art - During Year 5 pupils concentrate on acquiring basic skills, using a variety of materials and working from observation, memory and imagination.  Themes are explored in Art, which link with the pupils’ work in other subjects, and which introduce them to the work of artists from different periods and cultures. To begin with, the pupils learn key words, colour mixing skills and simple line drawing.  They then study aspects of Aboriginal art and storytelling.  Following this, they study Shells and fish with an Art History focus on Paul Klee.   Finally, the pupil’s focus is Surrealism looking at the works of Dali and Magritte, along with other examples.  At the end of each module, they produce a final piece of work which is assessed by their peers and by the teacher.


Design Technology - Year 5 is the third year of Key Stage 2 Technology and pupils are taught in specialist areas.  As well as learning basic skills, pupils are taught to plan, make and evaluate.  This year pupils have been given the opportunity to work with wood, electrical circuits, food and textiles. Textiles: hot pot holder using fabric crayons, hand and machine stitching.Food: hygiene and safety work, tasting, refrigerator cookies, small cakes and scone based pizza.Resistant materials: key ring made from acrylic.


French - In Year 5 the emphasis is on oral and listening skills with simple reading and writing used in a meaningful context.  Continuity and progress are ensured throughout the school by the use of the French Course “Équipe”, supplemented by other resources such as computer games, video films, songs and games.  They are also introduced to French speaking cultures world-wide.


Geography - Pupils in Year 5 follow a course in Geography that is designed to build on their knowledge from Lower Schools.  The course involves three modules: an introductory module to Geography based on a passport to the world and geographical skills, a river module and a case study on the island of St. Lucia.


History – Pupils in Year 5 cover Tudor Exploration and the impact it made on Tudor life.  Pupils study post World War Britain, looking at the different social and economic changes going on in society.




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Year 5


Term 1. Developing musical skills. In this topic, Year 5 pupils will get the opportunity to develop their singing and keyboard skills through performing and composing.


Term 2. Notation and keyboard skills. Following on from the skills developed in term 1, pupils will be learning about musical notation, with a focus on understanding different rhythms. They will put this into practice by learning a range of short songs on the keyboard.


Term 3. Composition and programme music. Students will be developing their compositional skills by working in groups to compose music for events and stories


Physical Education - At Daubeney our aim is to develop physical competence by enabling pupils to engage in worthwhile activities through a broad, balanced and structured curriculum.  In Year 5 pupils participate in five areas of experience: gymnastics, dance, athletics, outdoor and adventurous activities and a variety of team and individual games. It is the aim for pupils to learn basic skills and tactics in a variety of sports/events, plus develop simple sequences within gymnastics and dance.


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