School Council

School Council Notice Board

What you said

  • We want to eat in the dining hall at break
  • We want a School Council page on the website
  • We want to wear Christmas jumpers at Christmas

What we did

  • The dining hall can now be used at break
  • There is now a School Council page on the website
  • Christmas jumpers were worn during the last week of Autumn Term 2

Comments made by school council members.

“Being a school councillor is a massive honour”
“We represent Daubeney Academy 24hours a day 7 days a week”
“We help to tell teachers what we think of our school”
“I feel confident speaking in front of other students”
“We are proud to represent our forms and year groups”
“It is important that we have a say”
“I understand the importance of good communication”
“I have learned to listen respectfully to other points of view”
“The year council has made me become more organised”
“We feel involved making decisions about making our school better"

Year council meetings (with representatives from every class) and School council meetings (with representatives from each year group) are held every half term and give pupils the opportunity to be involved in school decision making and to have a voice.