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The transition to Daubeney Academy is an important step in your child's educational journey.  As a school community we believe in the importance of children's needs; their safety, peace of mind and academic achievement being at the heart of every decision we make.


Young adolescents grow and change physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially at a rate greater than at any other time in their lives, except birth to age two.


This is our final year as a good middle school as we embark upon our exciting journey towards becoming an outstanding secondary school. For our students and their families, there will be no need to reapply for a school place as we will keep all of our current students on roll until they have completed their GCSEs in Year 11.


Currently, Daubeney Academy offers a vibrant and inclusive community where students are “always polite and courteous to adults and each other” and “learn to appreciate and respect the diversity of life in modern British society,” (Ofsted 2016). We are equally proud of the excellent pastoral care that we offer, and Ofsted also commented in 2016 that “Pupils feel safe and are well looked after in the school.” On top of this, we have worked hard to achieve the highest SATs attainment in Kempston as well as a record of sporting and musical excellence.


As we develop as a secondary school we will, as a member of the CMAT family of schools,

be able to offer a great range of exciting educational opportunities to our students and our aim is to provide a world class learning environment on our site in the heart of Kempston.


In our current status and for the last time during 2016/2017, we are committed to providing educational experiences in the middle years (National Curriculum Years 5-8) that will support and nurture young adolescents in developing their unique strengths and talents as they discover their own distinctive personal identities, sustaining and renewing a healthy sense of belonging to their school, their communities and society as a whole.


One of our key aims continues to be to make sure that the life chances of our students are improved by building on the excellent work of Kempston's emerging primary schools and preparing our students for a successful life in modern British society.


Although we are proud of our deserved status as a good school, our outstanding teachers and incredibly hard-working students will not rest until we have achieved recognition as an outstanding school that is dedicated to serving Kempston and its surrounding areas.


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