Daubeney Challenger Academy | HT Blog 39 – New chapters
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HT Blog 39 – New chapters

HT Blog 39 – New chapters

As we approach the end of another busy year, I would like to take a moment to introduce some of our new colleagues who will be joining Daubeney Academy in September. Our new Head of School will be Mr Lee, who comes to us from The Radcliffe School in Milton Keynes, and he will be supported on Daubeney’s leadership team by Mrs May and Mr Doward who joins us as an Assistant Headteacher. Mr Lee and Mr Doward are both highly experienced secondary teachers with expertise in Science and Maths and will focus on ensuring that our students who are taking GCSE examinations over the next year are well prepared. Both new teachers and Mrs May will be supported on Daubeney’s leadership team by Miss Mosseveld, who has been working closely with Daubeney’s teachers since January and will be performing an executive role within CMAT. In addition to our new school leaders, we are delighted to welcome three other new teachers to our team: Mr Morris, a computing specialist who will be teaching ICT; Mr Flaherty, who will be teaching both History and Geography, and Mr Ali, who will be teaching Maths and Science. As Daubeney Academy continues its transition towards full secondary status, with our first cohort of Year 11 students and our first ever new cohort of Year 7 students starting in September, it is important that we are able to recruit teachers with subject specialisms to deliver our GCSE curriculum, and our new professionals will add to the strong and dedicated team that we already have in place.

It is also with great sadness that we say goodbye to some teachers who are leaving us at the end of the summer term: Mrs Kaler, Miss Saunders, Mr Boast, Miss Potter, Mrs Bryan, Mr Parkes and Mrs Hewitt are leaving Daubeney after many years of combined service to our community in order to teach in other schools, and they will all be greatly missed by both adults, children and parents alike. Similarly, Daubeney’s new leadership team in September is an indication that our current senior leaders, Mrs Birchall, Mrs Muscroft and myself will no longer be in position at the beginning of the new academic year. Although my own decision to join Doha British School’s leadership team was announced at the beginning of this calendar year, the decisions of Mrs Birchall and Mrs Muscroft to leave are recent ones, and I know that many members of our community will be as keen as I am to thank them for the wonderful service that they have offered Kempston and to wish them well for whatever lies ahead over the next few years, both professionally and personally. As I know all too well, leaving Daubeney Academy is never an easy decision to make, especially after so much time, effort and affection has been given to the school, but I also know that it is normal that chapters close so that new ones can begin. Of all of the schools that I have worked in, up and down our country, Daubeney is the one that has left the strongest impression upon me, and much of this is down to the sense of teamwork and camaraderie inside the school and the close-knit nature of the community that I have been incredibly proud to serve – and I know that many of my colleagues who are also leaving feel the same. I wish Daubeney Academy – its students, parents and other partners – every success over the coming years and I hope that what we have achieved together over the past few years provides excellent foundations for what comes next. Daubeney has enjoyed many recent successes, including the following points noted by visitors to our school:

  • “Pupils behave very well and they develop positive attitudes to their learning. They are happy at the school and work hard.” – Ofsted 2016
  • “There is significant evidence of the impact of high expectations around the school. Positive relationships between teachers and pupils ensure that there is a tangible ethos of respect both in lessons and around the school site.” – Challenge Partners 2017
  • “Pupils report that they feel well looked after. Pupils benefit from a broad and balanced curriculum and value the efforts made by the school… the wide range of extra-curricular opportunities are made possible by the highly committed staff team ” – Challenge Partners 2017
  • “Daubeney Academy is an inclusive community that values every child. Everything is done to ensure that children are supported and challenged in equal measure.” – IQM 2017

Even from as far afield as Qatar (social media can be wonderful in this respect!), I will continue to watch Daubeney’s progress with genuine interest, and I hope that what has made us such a distinctive offer in both Kempston and Bedford is something that becomes even more successful. To all my colleagues – those who are leaving, those who are staying and those who I have worked with in any capacity since I started at Daubeney in 2013 – I offer my genuine gratitude for the opportunities that you may have provided me to learn from, and to the students & parents who I have had the pleasure to support, I wish you the success and wellbeing that your efforts clearly deserve.